Joining the #CodeNewbie Community

Yesterday I participated in my first Code Newbie Twitter chat and it was Awesome! I was able into interact with fellow developers of all levels, from those considering joining the profession to seasoned experts with years of experience from all over the globe. What struck me most was the support and encouragement everyone was providing, proving Twitter can be a place of good.

The questions we were discussing yesterday were:

With not only answering the questions directly, but also commenting or asking questions about other answers, I noticed that a lot of people are looking for remote work. And they want to work on meaningful projects that lead to personal and professional growth.

One of the best pieces of advice I have received is to be loyal to your industry and not your employer. Thanks @docjamesw

As I continue my journey in software development and grow as a developer, I’m striving to make a meaningful impact on my community and fellow developers. The most important resource we have is each other. Personally, I’m working on doing more blogging and speaking and figuring out how to tell my story of how I’m a calm happy problem solver. As always, if I can be of help, please reach out.

Finally I would recommend any developer at any stage in their career to join the @CodeNewbies community as it’s a positive community here to help.

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