Full-Stack .NET Development Tools

I was recently asked what software I have installed on my machine. So here is my list of software I have installed on my machine to help me as a Full-Stack .Net Developer:

  • Visual Studio 2017 | Download
    • I have an MSDN subscription witch gives me an Enterprise License. The main feature I use that not available in the Community Edition is the web based load testing.
  • SourceTree | Download
    • Provides a great graphical interface for git source control while also managing several different repositories.
  • Fiddler4 | Download
    • Great for inspecting traffic around http endpoints. I have discovered several times the data I was sending to an endpoint was incorrect.
  • Docker for Windows Beta | Download
    • I use this primarily to stand up a new Redis Database to prevent any stale data during development cycles.
  • Skype | Download
    • This is my primary communication tool for chatting and screen sharing.
  • Slack | Download
    • I subscribe to various Slack groups for staying engaged in the community.
  • GoToMeeting | Download
    • This is my secondary screen sharing tool.
  • Office | Download
    • Outlook, Work, Excel and PowerPoint are all staples of the business world.
  • Chrome | Download
    • My primary web browser and their developer tools are excellent for front end development. I have debugged many bugs in my Angular applications.
  • FireFox | Download
    • Once my code is working in Chrome I verify it in FireFox to get another perspective.
  • Postman | Download
    • Alternative to Fiddler. I primarily use it when sending files to an http endpoint.
  • VS Code | Download
    • Lightweight IDE and great for when I’m doing focusing on front end development.
  • Git | Download
    • Required for SourceTree and I use this StackOverflow solution when I inherit a project with an incorrect .gitignore file (or a missing one).
  • Redis Desktop Manager | Download
    • Easy way to inspect a Redis cache and look at the Keys and Values.
  • Node.js | Download
    • Several front end tools use node packages like gulp and browserify.
  • SQL Express | Download
    • My primary datastore. This lets me have a local database during development. And help prevent me from screwing up someone else database.
  • SQL Management Studio | Download
    • Direct access to SQL Server via GUI. It simplifies access to multiple databases and severs and allows access and automatic firewall updating of Azure SQL.
  • Adobe PDF Reader | Download
    • Various documents come in pdf format and Adobe reader is the most common in corporate environments. Also if I output to a pdf format I want to verify Adobe Reader can open it.

Please let me know what you think of these tools. I’m always looking for tools and software that will help me become a better developer.

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