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Empowering Developers to be their Customers’ Heroes

Reflecting on the first few weeks of 2018 has helped me realize that I’m successfully working towards my year end goals. But in doing so, I was missing a clearly defined statement which I can use as a measuring stick to ask myself, “is what I’m doing helping me fulfill my mission?” In 2017 I became more involved in the developer community and last fall I was privileged to be part of the test group of #DoTheThing by Dona Sarkar. The amazing people who are part of #DoTheThing have helped me learn a lot about myself and encouraged me to get outside of my comfort zone. I’m learning that opportunities which are scary and uncomfortable are things I need to pursue, as I grow when I’m in those situations. Over the course of a day, in the #DoTheThing Facebook group, I was able to get help refining my mission statement:

Empowering Developers to be their Customers’ Heroes

This rings true to me, because when I was a paramedic I learned that when you are able to help others, even if you don’t see yourself as a hero, your customer can see you as a hero. Whether your customer is a patient, family, community, business, or individual, being able to help others is a great feeling. My mission centers around helping, teaching, learning, and promoting developers in any step of their journey to create solutions that are helpful to their customers.

As we continue to digitize our world and expand the role that software plays in each of our lives, the role of the developer will continue to grow. Not only grow in what is asked of us as a developer, but also the impact any developer can have on our world. I’m choosing to make a positive impact within the developer community by encouraging those around me, sharing what I have learned, and continuing to learn from others. I see this as a never ending journey as there is always room to learn and grow. Personally, since I’ve switched from a full-time paramedic to a full-time developer, I have learned new technologies, frameworks, patterns, and ideas about software development.

Whether you call yourself a developer, programmer, software engineer, or something else, please join me in this journey. And if there is anything I may do to help, please ask.

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