I was recently asked what software I have installed on my machine. So here is my list of software I have installed on my machine to help me as a Full-Stack .Net Developer:

Visual Studio 2017 Download
I have an MSDN subscription witch gives me an Enterprise License. The main feature I use that is not available in the Community Edition is the web based load testing.
SourceTree Download Provides a great graphical interface for git source control while also managing multiple repositories.
Fiddler4 Download Great for inspecting traffic around http endpoints. I have discovered several times the data I was sending to an endpoint was incorrect.
Docker for Windows Beta DownloadI use this primarily to stand up a new Redis Database to prevent any stale data during development cycles.
Skype Download This is my primary communication tool for chatting and screen sharing.
Slack Download I subscribe to various Slack groups for staying engaged in the community.
GoToMeeting Download This is my secondary screen sharing tool.
Office Download Outlook, Work, Excel and PowerPoint are all staples of the business world.
Chrome Download My primary web browser and their developer tools are excellent for front end development. I have debugged many bugs in my Angular applications.
FireFox Download Once my code is working in Chrome I verify it in FireFox to get another perspective.
Postman Download Alternative to Fiddler. I primarily use it when sending files to an http endpoint.
VS Code Download Lightweight IDE and great for when I’m doing focusing on front end development. And now my primary choice for updating this blog.
Git Download Required for SourceTree and I use this StackOverflow solution when I inherit a project with an incorrect .gitignore file (or a missing one).
Redis Desktop Manager Download Easy way to inspect a Redis cache and look at the Keys and Values.
Node.js Download Several front end tools use node packages like gulp and browserify.
SQL Express Download My primary database. This lets me have a local database during development. And help prevent me from screwing up someone else database.
SQL Management Studio Download Direct access to SQL Server via GUI. It simplifies access to multiple databases and severs and allows access and automatic firewall updating of Azure SQL.
Adobe PDF Reader Download Various documents come in pdf format and Adobe reader is the most common in corporate environments. Also if I output to a pdf format I want to verify Adobe Reader can open it.

Please let me know what you think of these tools. I’m always looking for tools and software that will help me become a better developer.